One of the most common service calls today is removing viruses, trojans, spyware (a generic term for all this nasty stuff is scumware) from computers. It is far better to prevent these than to spend money on repairing your computers. With a little planning and discipline you can avoid scumware incidents.

Frequently overlooked items can be summed up in these questions:

  • Could you run your business if your computers were inoperable?
  • How long could you function without your computers?
  • How important is it to keep your systems running?

These questions will determine how you should plan and how much you should spend on your Information Systems. If you cannot afford to lose your computers, plans for fault-tolerant systems need to be put into place.

Additionally, plans for keeping backups of your data need to be formulated. What happens if you have a fire? Keeping data off-site is necessary.

Dropbox is a great tool to backup and sync your files between Devices.

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IDrive Online Backup


IDrive Updated – Full Windows and Mac Compatibility for New Accounts; Plus Unlimited Computers For Every Account

We have released the latest version of IDrive – for new accounts, Windows and Mac OS X access is universal and there is no limit to the number of PCs or Macs you can protect.

    1. Full Windows and Mac OS X compatibility – use a single IDrive account on both PCs and Macs.
    2. Available private key 256-bit AES encryption for both Windows and Mac data.
    3. The last 30 versions of each file are kept without counting toward total storage.
    4. Share any file/folder in your account with anyone in the world! 

***The Best Backup and Sync Utility for Files***

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